Thistle Knights Tours

Privacy Policy

When booking with us through our website, you will be sent to Pay-Pal site and asked to pay from there. All details from you will be sent to us that you have logged with Pay-Pal. All we do with this data is look for your e-mail. We then send you an e-mail to confirm the booking. 

  • What data you collect. E-mail only

  • Why we need it. To confirm booking for the tour, and to contact you if anything goes wrong with the booking.

  • How you obtain it through website, Facebook, Pay-Pal.

  • For how long you retain it we keep your e-mail on file up until 7 days after the tour is run.

  • Who you share it with we share your e-mail with no-one.

  • How users can access their data, change or delete it. If you do not wish us to have or hold your e-mail please say and we will delete your e-mail there and then. But please note this means you may not be told about any changes to the tour 

  • How they can opt out of your marketing message. By asking us to remove their e-mails.

Terms of Service

  • Stipulate the conditions under which people may use your website. To search for tours

  • Protect your intellectual property rights.

  • Disclose how you intend to advertise to your site visitors.

  • Outline how you use data and protect your site visitors’ privacy (you can link to your Privacy Policy for further detail on this.

  • If you sell goods your Terms of Service should describe how those goods are delivered and what your return policy is.

  • Stipulate an age limit for using and/or transacting on your website.  Please note: the age of consent for GDPR is 16 so you can either make this your age limit or stipulate that if a user lives in the EU they must be 16 to use your site. In many countries 13 is the age limit for sites that do not include adult content.

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