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  •  Edinburgh is a living city. Therefore the streets can sometimes get very busy. Although all precautions shall be taken to ensure the smooth running of the tours, sometimes we may not be able to gain access to certain parts of the tour. Should this occur, the guides shall endeavour to take you on alternative routes of equal historical Paranormal interest.
  • We reserve the right to cancel tours due to unforeseen adverse weather conditions which  might endanger the safety of the participants on the tour.
  •  The ghost tour contains certain historical information which some members of the public may find disturbing. We recommend parents/guardians to exercise their own discretion if accompanied by children. Some historical accounts, such as information about past practices of the Scottish penal system are graphic and often gory in nature.
  • The ghost tour is based on experiences from previous visitors to the sites on tour. We cannot guarantee the appearance of supernatural phenomena.
  • Cancellation policy: any tours booked in advance may be cancelled within 14 days of the booking for a full refund. After 14 days any refunds for cancellations by the customer are discretionary. In case of a cancellation by the company of any tours booked in advance, we shall offer the customer an alternative tour whenever possible. If a rescheduling of the tour is not feasible, the tour tickets shall be refunded in full. Deposits taken for any of our tours or events are not paid back unless we cancel the event or tour.
  • The historical facts and stories given as part of the tour do not necessarily represent the views held by the company or any of its employees. Scotland of the past was not always a safe, nice and equal place. We seek only to inform our guests of history: we do not write history books, and nor did we write the laws nor design the practices in place in Scotland during the period 800-1960. We request that the guests on the tour keep this in mind when selecting a tour.


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