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                                                      LIST OF DEMONS,


List of theological demons please note this is not a full list of Demons,


This is a list of demons that appear in religion, theology, demonology, mythology, and folklore. It is not a list of names of demons, although some are listed by more than one name.

Names of God, list of deities, and list of deities in fiction concern God and gods.


Sources named

Demonology: Ayyavazhi, Christian, Hindu, Islamic, Jewish


Eschatology: Islamic eschatology


Folklore: Bulgarian, Christian, German, Jewish


Mythology: Akkadian, Babylonian, Buddhist, Chaldean, Christian, Egyptian, Etruscan, Finnish, Greek, Guanche, Hindu, Hungarian, Indonesian, Irish, Japanese, Mapuche, Moabite, Native American, Persian, Phoenician, Roman, Slavic, Semitic, Sumerian


Gnosticism, Hinduism, Thelema, Zoroastrianism

nautical folklore, Sanskrit,, Testament of Solomon



Many demons have names with several spellings but few are listed under more than one spelling.




Saint George vs. the dragon

Abaddon/Apollyon (Christian demonology)

Abezethibou (Testament of Solomon)

Abraxas (Gnosticism)

Abyzou (Jewish mythology)

Adramelech (Assyrian mythology, Christian demonology)

Aeshma (Zoroastrianism)

Agaliarept (Jewish mythology)

Agrat bat Mahlat (Jewish demonology)

Agares (Christian demonology)

Agiel (Jewish mythology)

Ahriman/Angra Mainyu (Zoroastrianism)

Aim/Haborym (Christian demonology)

Aka Manah/Akem Manah/Akoman/Akvan (Zoroastrianism)

Ala (Slavic mythology)

Alal (Chaldean mythology)

Alastor (Christian demonology)

Alloces/Allocer (Christian demonology)

Allu (Akkadian mythology)

Amaymon (Christian demonology)

Amdusias (Christian demonology)

Amy (Christian demonology)

Anamalech (Assyrian mythology)

Ancitif (Louviers possessions)

Andhaka (Hindu mythology)

Andras (Christian demonology)

Andrealphus (Christian demonology)

Andromalius (Christian demonology)

Antichrist (Christian demonology)

Anzu (Sumerian mythology)

Armaros (Jewish demonology)

Archon (Gnosticism)

Asag (Sumerian demonology)

Asakku (Babylonian mythology)

Asb'el (Jewish mythology)

Asmodai/Asmodeus (Jewish folklore and Christian demonology)

Astaroth (Christian demonology)

Asura (Hindu mythology)

Azazel / Azaz'el (Jewish demonology)

Azi Dahaka/Dahak (Zoroastrianism)



Baal/Bael (Christian demonology)

Babi ngepet (Indonesian mythology)

Bakasura (Hindu mythology)

Balam (Christian demonology)

Balberith (Jewish demonology)

Bali Raj (Hindu mythology)

Banshee (Irish mythology)

Baphomet (Christian folklore)

Barbas (Christian demonology)

Barbatos (Christian demonology)

Barong (Indonesian mythology)

Bathin/Mathim/Bathym/Marthim (Christian demonology)

Beelzebub (Jewish demonology, Christian demonology)

Behemoth (Jewish demonology)

Belial (Jewish demonology, Christian demonology)

Beleth (Christian demonology)

Belphegor (Christian demonology)

Berith/Beherit (Phoenician mythology, Christian demonology)

Bhūta (Sanskrit)

Bifrons (Christian demonology)

Boruta (Slavic mythology)

Botis (Christian demonology)

Buer (Christian demonology)

Bukavac (Slavic mythology)

Bune (Christian demonology)

Bushyasta (Zoroastrianism)



Cain/Canio (Christian demonology)

Charun (Etruscan mythology)

Chemosh (Moabite)

Choronzon (Thelema)

Cimejes/Kimaris/Cimeies (Christian demonology)

Corson (Christian demonology)

Crocell/Procell (Christian demonology)

Culsu (Etruscan mythology)



Daeva (Zoroastrianism demonology)

Dagon (Semitic mythology)

Dajjal (Islamic demonology)

Dantalion (Christian demonology)

Danjal (Jewish mythology)

Davy Jones (nautical folklore)

Decarabia (Christian demonology)

Demiurge (Gnosticism)

Demogorgon (Christian demonology)

Devil (Christian demonology)

Div-e Sepid (Persian mythology)

Drekavac (Slavic mythology)

Dzoavits (Native American mythology)



Eblis (or Iblis) (Islamic demonology)

Eligos (Christian demonology)

Eisheth (Jewish demonology)



Focalor (Christian demonology)

Foras/Forcas/Forras/ (Christian demonology)

Forneus (Christian demonology)

Furcas/Forcas (Christian demonology)

Furfur (Christian demonology)



Gaap (Christian demonology)

Gader'el (Jewish demonology)

Gaki (Japanese mythology)

Gamigin (Christian demonology)

Ghoul (Arabian and several other mythologies)

Glasya-Labolas/Caacrinolaas/Caassimolar/Classyalabolas/Glassia-labolis (Christian demonology)

Gorgon (Greek mythology)

Gremory/Gomory (Christian demonology)

Grigori (Jewish demonology)

Gualichu (Mapuche mythology)

Guayota (Guanche)




Haagenti (Christian demonology)

Halphas/Malthus (Christian demonology)

Hantu Raya (Indonesian and Malaysian mythology)

Haures/Flauros/Flavros/Hauras/Havres (Christian demonology)



Ifrit (Islamic mythology)

Incubus (Christian demonology, Chaldean mythology, Jewish folklore)

Ipos/Ipes (Christian demonology)



Jinn (Islamic demonology)

Jikininki (Japanese mythology)


Kabandha/Kabhanda (Hinduism)

Kali (Hinduism)

Kasadya (Jewish demonology)

Kokabiel (Jewish demonology)

Kroni (Ayyavazhi demonology)

Krampus (Germanic-Christian Demonology)

Killakee Cat (Hell Fire Club/Satanism)

Kumbhakarna (Hinduism)



Legion (Christian demonology)

Lechies (Slavic mythology)

Leyak (Indonesian mythology)

Lempo (Finnish mythology)

Leraje/Leraie (Christian demonology)

Leviathan (Jewish demonology, Christian demonology)

Lili/Lilin/Lilim (Jewish demonology)

Lilith (Sumerian mythology, Akkadian mythology, Jewish folklore)

Lucifer (Christian demonology)

Lucifuge Rofocale (Christian demonology)



Malphas (Christian demonology)

Mammon (Christian demonology)

Mara (Buddhist mythology)

Maricha (Hindu mythology)

Marax/Morax/Foraii (Christian demonology)

Marchosias (Christian demonology)

Masih ad-Dajjal/Ad-Dajjal/Dajjal (Islamic eschatology)

Mastema (Jewish demonology)

Mephistopheles (Christian folklore, German folklore)

Merihem (Christian demonology)

Moloch (Christian demonology)

Murmur (Christian demonology)

Morpheus (Greek mythology)



Naamah (Jewish demonology)

Naberius/Cerbere/Naberus (Christian demonology)

Ninurta (Sumerian mythology, Akkadian mythology)

Namtar (Sumerian mythology)



Onoskelis (Testament of Solomon)

Orcus (Roman mythology, later Christian demonology)

Orias/Oriax (Christian demonology)

Ornias (Testament of Solomon) - According to The Encyclopedia of Angels by Rosemary Guiley, Ornias is a fallen angel who, along with many other demons, had been bound by King Solomon to build his temple. He is described as very troublesome, who inhabits the constellation Aquarius, and who enjoys strangling people born under the sign of Aquarius. Ornias has various abilities attributed to him, such as the gift of prophecy, shapeshifting, and causing physical pain with a mere touch. As a shapeshifter, Ornias can often transform into a man, a lion, or a heavenly creature with wings. Ornias was also the demon who revealed to Solomon the existence of the Falling Stars, demons that fly up towards Heaven to overhear God's plans and fall back to Earth when they become too exhausted, making them look like shooting stars to humans.

Orobas (Christian demonology)

Ose (Christian demonology)

Ördög (Hungarian mythology)

O Tokata (Indonesian mythology)


Paimon (Christian demonology)

Pazuzu (Babylonian demonology)

Pelesit (Indonesian and Malaysian mythology)

Phenex (Christian demonology)

Penemue (Jewish and Christian demonology)

Pithius (Christian demonology)

Pocong (Indonesian mythology)

Pontianak (Indonesian and Malaysian mythology)

Pruflas (Christian demonology)

Puloman (Hindu demonology)



Rahab (Jewish folklore)

Raum (Christian demonology)

Ronove (Christian demonology)

Rusalka (Slavic mythology)

Rakshasa (Hinduism)

Rangda (Hinduism in Indonesia)

Ravan (Hinduism)



Sabnock (Christian demonology)

Saleos (Christian demonology)

Salpsan (Christian demonology) - the son of Satan, according to the Questions of Bartholomew.

Samael (Jewish demonology)

Satan (or Shaytan) (Jewish demonology, Christian demonology, Islamic demonology)

Seir (Christian demonology)

Semyaz (Jewish demonology)

Shax/Chax (Christian demonology)

Shedim (Jewish folklore)

Sitri (Christian demonology)

Sthenno (Greek mythology)

Stolas/Solas (Christian demonology)

Suanggi (Indonesian mythology)

Succubus (Sumerian mythology, Akkadian mythology, Jewish folklore, Christian demonology)

Surgat (Christian demonology)



Tannin (Jewish demonology)

Toyol (Indonesian and Malaysian)

Tuchulcha (Etruscan mythology)



Ukobach (Christian demonology)



Valac (Christian demonology)

Valefar/Malaphar/Malephar (Christian demonology)

Vanth (Etruscan mythology)

Vapula (Christian demonology)

Vassago (Christian demonology)

Vepar (Christian demonology)

Vine (Christian demonology)



Wendigo (Algonquin)


Xaphan (Christian demonology)

Xezbeth (demonology)







Zagan (Christian demonology)

Zepar (Christian demonology)

Ziminiar (Christian demonology)

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