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                                 THE WITCHES OF EDINBURGH


Follow the guide thorough the most famous witch stories of old Edinburgh. Find out when the last witch trail was you maybe surprised at the date for it. Was Agnes really that bad a person to know. What about poor Elsa did she talk out of place once to often or was she just like most old ladies at times, loose with her words for some people’s liking.

Stories of witches go way back in time, some of these stories are of the good witches helping others in times of need, but what would happen if say there was no milk on a farm. How would a witch be able to help out then?

On this tour you will hear the stories of many a witch or devil seen in old Edinburgh town, hear their fate, and find out where some of their bodies lie to this day. Many a person walks there not knowing what lies beneath their feet. Will you dare walk there after these tales.

But what would happen if you were say a King or Queen could you then use witchcraft without fear, or would you be like the rest of the people and face the witch finder. We also cover the best way to find a witch, and just how hard it would be to get one to talk once they had been called out.

But there is also tales of where witches, have been known to help the rich and poor of Edinburgh in their quests for information, did one of these people lead Scotland and how would it have helped them if they did?

All these tales and more of some of the most famous witches and those that spoke to them will be told on our tour.

The tour starts outside but most of the tour is done inside.

To book this tour go to payments.

Friday 18.00  

Saturday at 14.00 (2pm)

Open to all ages

Wheelchair friendly person in wheelchair goes free.

Adults £10.00.

Cons £5.00.


Family price £25.00 for 2 adults and up to 3 children.


This tour contains torture and you are shown torture equipment on the tour.

This tour is not political correct.

The views told by the guides are not the views of the company nor the guide. It is down to history and the stories are of a historical nature.

If you come on the tour, you agree to the above points and will not hold any views against the company or the guide.  

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