Thistle Knights Tours



 This is not a normal tour. On this tour you are given the chance to play the detective on the case of a cold bloody killer, who is hiding in the group standing around you. Will you be able to work out the clues before the killer strikes again. Each of the stories told there is a hidden clue to one of the group. Work these clues out and at the end of the tour you will be given the chance to call out the killer.

Each story is a real life murder case that happen in and around not just Edinburgh,but also Scotland. In some cases you may not believe a person would kill in this way, or even the reasons why they did murder the person.

You will also be given the chance to ask the guide, for clues to help you in your quest use the questions wisely  

Can you take this tour stand where others have stood and hear the stories, feel the chill come across your body. Can you be the one to stand there next to the most hated man in Edinburgh and hear why he became that way. Or can you be the one to go home and not worry about what is out there still today lurking in the darkness, waiting it’s turn to strike you down as it still walks’ Edinburgh to day looking to feed on those alone.

You can join the tour just to hear the stories, or to play the detective, it is up to you. The stories are dark in nature, but the guide has the choice if they wish to make the tour even more dark by adding in torture. If you wish to hear tales of bloody torture then say to the guide at the end of the tour, and he may just tell you.

Afternoon tour includes a visit to the Museum of Scotland, and the Peoples Story museum.

Evening tour includes torture only if you wish to hear the stories of torture equipment.

Open to all ages

Cost £10.00 per person

Under 16s £5.00

Wheelchair friendly person in wheelchair goes free

The Dark Secret Adult price

£ 10.00 


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