Thistle Knights Tours

                                            TALES OF THE SUPERNATURAL,

Through out history, Scotland and its people have been influenced by the mystical and the supernatural. But what effect has the supernatural had on the people who call Scotland their home?

On this tour you will have a chance to hear some of the many stories of strange going on. These tales will take you into the heart of the supernatural, and show you how it interacts with us in everyday life.

On the tour you will get the chance to have a go at telling your own fortune, and seeing how dowsing rods work. You can also see how easy it is to trick the mind.

But it is to the tales we are most willing to tell. That we will show just what part it plays from witchcraft, to big cats, to ufo's, to werewolves running around Edinburgh and Scotland.

To book this tour go to paymnets.

Saturday at 18.00 (6pm)

Open to all ages

Wheelchair friendly person in wheelchair goes free.

Adults £10.00.

Cons £5.00.


Family price £25.00 for 2 adults and up to 3 children.


This tour is not political correct.

The views told by the guides are not the views of the company nor the guide. It is down to history and the stories are of a historical nature.

If you come on the tour, you agree to the above points and will not hold any views against the company or the guide.  

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