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                                                       TALES OF EDINBURGH

Hear the tales of Edinburgh and Scotland brought to life, as we take you on a stroll through history. As we take you around the great city of Edinburgh at each stop we make. We shall tell tales of war, battles lost and won and the part Edinburgh played in those battles. We shall explain some Edinburgh’s vast history and buildings to you. Show you places where history was made. You will also see places where beliefs were made and what happened to those that fought for them. We cover history from almost the start of Scotland up and to Mary Queen of Scots.

On this tour you will also get the chance to go inside three museums. Each one is full of history of Scotland and Edinburgh.

If you enjoy history given and told in a fun way this is the tour for you. You may ask as many questions as you wish. Hear about some of the laws we still have in place today. Hear what would happen to a female if she was caught drunk on the streets of Edinburgh. Of some of the bodies found in the most strangest of places. Plus some of the battles that have long since been over looked, include one that happened in Edinburgh. Hear the tale of the day William Wallace came to fight just outside Edinburgh. Did he win well join the tour to find out. Plus the day war came to Leith but it was not a Scots war but Danish and Spanish one. Also on the tour we shall cover the dark history of Scotland and Edinburgh.

Lasts 2.5 hours.

Summer only Saturday 18.00hrs (6pm)

Adults £10.00

Cons, O.A.Ps, Students £5.00

Family Deal of 2 adults and up to 5 kids normal price £45.00 deal price £25.00

Please note this is not a political correct tour, as history was not political correct in its time. 

Tales of Edinburgh

£ 10.00 


Tales of Edinburgh

£ 5.00 

Con,s O.A.Ps Students,

Tales of Edinburgh family deal

£ 25.00 

This is for a family of up too 5.

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