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Well you have seen the programs on T.V such as Ghost Adventures, Ghost Hunters, Paranormal Witness, Most Haunted. Some good some well not so good. You may have been out on your own investigation again some good some not so good. But what is it like too be a paranormal investigator? well you spend half your time in the dark asking is there any one there? Waiting for the words you long too hear “Is it me you are looking for?” Ok you may not hear those words per-sa but that is what you want is the ghost or what ever it is you are looking for too talk back to you.

The feeling you get when an unexplained sound gets picked up is amazing. But there is more to it than that. For a paranormal investigator has a lot more too do than just sit in an old building looking for movement or listening for sounds. Because they need to know the history of the building, who lived there?, what were their lives like?, Did they die there? They need information on the building and what is was used for. They need to know what type of ghosts they are hunting. Most people do not know that ghosts come in different forms and haunt in different ways. Most people go out in too the dark and just try and get a ghost to talk to them. When the ghost they are looking for might not speak it might just be a presence. So the more information on the building, graveyard or haunted area the investigator has the better for them and the better for them to prove or disprove the ghost. The more information you have the better chance you have of finding the ghost.

Paranormal Investigator is one of the best hobbies in the world not only do you get to spend half your time never knowing what is going to happen one day to the next. You then race home and review all your findings too see if you caught that picture, or if you caught the words “Hello is it me your looking for?” You need to enjoy the dark and enjoy the unknown. Be ready for anything and get ready too feel strange things happening to your body. Then the strange part when you have found something and you put it out on a form or on a paranormal site. People take great fun at times telling you that it is nothing and there is nothing there. Sometimes people will tell you, you picture shopped it. So what is the point? why do you do it? Why spend hours in the dark in old buildings or graveyards? Why do it day after day night after night spend hours going over footage only to find nothing? Then get up and do it all again. Well believe it or not only you can say why. Because to each of us that enjoy the strange world of the paranormal it may mean something different. The reason we do it may follow the same route or even come from the same place. But too each of us it means something different and the feeling we get when we find something.

A paranormal investigator job is not really a job but a life style and it is not just in our life, it is part of our life. You can make some great friends in this hobby and go on some great investigations with them. But it still to you your own world.

So if you wish too join this world then the best part is to learn about it. 

The course shall take you over the different types of ghosts, how they haunt. 

Learn the history of the ghosts and the paranormal

Shall also give you the chance to learn what your body may feel. 

What to look for in pictures and on video.

How to set up an investigation.

About base readings.

How to look at findings.

Onsite investigations and leading a group.

Paranormal Investigation Course,

Each month we shall cover each section of the Paranormal Course as listed bellow. You can book on for all of the course, or you may just choose a day or evening part of the course and book on for that. Please

Please note each subject will have an in-depth part done on a booking base. This is covered by the cost of the course*.


Month 1,

Introduction to the paranormal and what the course will cover.

Look at different types of investigations and protections if needed.

Learn how to become a paranormal investigator,

This workshop will cover the start of the 12 month course.

Length 3 hours,

Day two,

Types of investigations,

Learn how many types of ghost there are,

How they haunt different places and what too look for.

What feelings you may get off each type of ghost.

Length 2 hours,

Day three,

Learn what type of questions you ask witness and what ones not to ask,

How reliable are witness?

What makes a good witness?

We shall cover all aspects of how to get what you need from witness to the haunting.

Length 2 hours,

Day four,

Learn how to do research on the haunting, where too look and what too look for.

Length 2 hours,

Month 2,

Day 1

Learn about the different types of paranormal fields,

This part covers other type of investigations you may come across, such as medium-ship, tarot reading, automatic writing ect.

Length 3 hours,

Day 2,

Learn about the type of equipment used and how to use it,

Covers the equipment you will come across in the paranormal world and how to buy on a budget.

Length 3 hours,

Day 3,

Learn about what to do with your findings, where to send them once you think you have found something,

Length 2 hours,

Day 4,

Learn how to look at pictures and videos, and how to stay sceptical on what you find or see,

Learn about E.V.P readings and how to see false ones from real ones,

Length 2 hours,

Month 3,


Day 1,

Difference between inside and outside investigations

Length 3 hours,

Day 2

How to lead and investigation

Length 3 hours,

Day 3

How to find and then provoke ghosts.

How to set up charms

How to protect yourself from harm.

How to hold a séance.

How to do the human pendulum.

How to do lighter than air trick.

How to do balance trick.

Day 4

EVP work and what to ask say and look for on the evps. 


Below is also covered on each of the sections above

We shall also touch on parapsychology,

Parapsychology is a pseudoscience concerned with the investigation of paranormal events and psychic phenomena.

Also covered will be how our minds work when we see things and how our mind wants to make what we see real.

Each subject will be afternoon or evening course lasting 2-3 hours each day.

You can come for all the course, or pick which part you would like to come and book for that day. We can take up to 16 people on each course day.


* If you wish to book for in-depth part of any section of the course, there will be a small extra charge to the  price of £10.00. The in-depth part covers Medium-ship, All the Clair’s and how they work, How to trick a persons mind, Tarot Cards, Crystals, Oils, Dream-catchers, Folk Lore.

One to one with the investigator can be booked at any time.

Investigations will also be carried out during the month so you can try out your ways and get use to the feelings around you.

This is just the first 3 month section of the course. In the next section of 3 months we cover other parts of the paranormal, supernatural world we live in.


12 month course, will include classroom work and online work.

Included in the course is over 100 books on the paranormal, and costs of investigations.

Meetings once a month, investigations once a month or more.


The company Edinburgh Paranormal Investigation Society or Thistle Knights Tours can not be held liable for anything that may happen to you during our events or tours. You take our events and tours at your own risk. Please see the list below of the things that may or may not happen during a paranormal investigation.

On our events this may or may not happen to you.

Scratches, Bites, Burse, Fainting, Light headiness, Sickness, Pins and Needles, Cold spots, Numbness, Tingling in body parts, Prickly Heat, Goose Bums. Pushed, Punched, Tripped, Angry, Emotional, Argumentative, Disorientated, Speak in another person voice, See a ghost, Get a fright, Be touched in other ways, Damage to equipment Phones, Cameras, Detecting equipment.

The events and tours are for entertainment only. 

No-one under 16 years old are allowed on the events, Tours or Course.

If you are pregnant please say before coming on the event or tours,

You come at your own risk,

Please bring your own torch if need be,  

Here a person is touching a gravestone, and in one of the pictures it may look like the stone is full of energy, but it is just the light of a torch stretched when the camera moved while taking the picture.

This image is from a mausoleum. It may look like there is something ghostly happening on the left side of the image but that is just Frank's jacket being lit by a torch during the camera's 4 second exposure time.

In this image the blue and the green light are clearly reflections from the car's lights, not orbs. Similar reflections occur from all kinds of lights and lamps, not just the sun

 When you suspect that you may have an actual orb or other unexplained (light) phenomenon in your picture, it is often useful to compare that image to others taken in the same situation. Here are two pictures from New Calton Hill's watch tower taken a few minutes apart. The potential orb in the left one cannot be seen on the photograph on the right, which means that it is not a star, as same camera settings were used for both pictures. Stars were visible that night, though, which is why they need to be taken in consideration.

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