Thistle Knights Tours

Dare you join the guide on a stroll in to the dark side of Edinburgh's past. Hear tales of dark deeds, murder and hauntings. Are you brave enough to sit in the most haunted graveyard in Edinburgh and hear the tales of people being attacked here, stand where some of these attacks took place.

Take pictures capture Orbs if you can inside this very haunted graveyard. We spend just over an hour inside this graveyard telling tales of ghosts, vampires and other going on's. Can you stand to be there for an hour some cant and have left some even have had things happen to them. noises have been heard standing next to MacKennzie are you brave enough to look inside his tomb.

The tour cover the Paranormal, Ghosts, Vampires and much more go on take the chance to sit and listen be part of the hauntings and face the most active ghost in Edinburgh.

the guide will tell you tales of love lost horror and murder all in side the graveyard be brave and face the tales 

tour last about 1 hour 45 minutes 

Tour days:

Sunday 18.00pm

Monday-Tuesday 20.15pm


ADULTS £10.00 CONS £8.00

5 of 5 stars




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