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                                                  OFF THE BEATEN TRACK

Enjoy yourself as you marauder along the picturesque banks of a river. Here is one of the less busy places of Edinburgh you will get the chance to stop and take pictures if you wish, and hear the history of not only Edinburgh but that of Scotland. Follow the guide as they take you on a scenic tour of Edinburgh’s less known area. But yet is one of the most beautiful and peaceful.   

Off the beaten track takes you on a tour of some of Edinburgh’s best kept places. This tour covers areas that are not often seen by the visitors to Edinburgh.

Starting at Roseburn the tour takes you along the banks of the Water of Leith. From there it takes you through some of the history of Edinburgh’s past. This peaceful walk then takes you up and onto two amazing museums and on through a secret path into one of Edinburgh’s best kept village. This village is in the heart of a great city yet most people even those that live in the city do not know it is there. Here you will here the history of how this village started and the history of the great Dean Bridge.

The tour will then guide you along the banks of the river to a spot where they believed that the waters would heal you. See and hear the history of the well, before leaving to finish the tour in the village of Stockbridge. Here the guide will give you a short history of the area and if you wish guide you too some of the best pubs and inns in Edinburgh.


This tour is tips based but a deposit of £1.00 per person must be paid at time of booking. Please go to our payment page to do this. This tour is also only for a minimum of 4 people.


Open to all ages.

Please note if you a hard of walking or in a wheelchair please say before booking.

There is some very steep hills and rough paths on this walk.

If booking as a group please note there is other areas that we cover on the Off the Beaten Track walk these areas are listed bellow.

A) Water of Leith to Craiglockhart Hills

B) Morningside to Craiglockhart Hills

C) Photo points of Edinburgh.


Start time 12.00 pm

Finish time 15.00 hrs-16.00hrs Depending on stops for photos and questions.


Days tour is run,

Wednesday-Thursday only.


Other days can be asked for only days not available are

Friday, Saturday, Sunday.

Please note days that are not able to be booked list of dates bellow. 

Adults £10.00.

Cons £5.00.

Discount Family 4 £15.00.

Discount Tours 2 Half price for the second tour.

Discount Tours 3 One tour free.

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