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 This is not a normal tour, you are given the chance to find out which one of the group is the murderer hiding among st you. Are you able to work out the clues in time to save your life. You have just joined a group of fellow travelers, on their quest to hear tales told of Murder most horrid. You join the group as the guide leads you off in to the lonely and dark streets, of Edinburgh. Each cobbled close you go into seems to be darker and narrower than the last. With light fading, your guide leads you on. Each story starts to freeze your mind, as you relies that these stories of the most horrific crime of all are true. You wonder what drove a person to commit such crime. The guide leads you on in to the lonely world of murder. Soon you see that the guide is leading you towards a dark and lonely place. Shapes come out of the darkness towards you. Of gravestones large over barring you each step you take. You now know you are in a graveyard the path in front full of unwanted shadows of the night. But still the guide does not stop taking you further and further in, in to the deepest recesses of this graveyard. Each tomb seems to come a live as you pass it. Then you stop your mind is all a wonder as you look at the tomb before you. Large dark and very scary the guide shines the torch on the top most part of the tomb, and your heart suddenly stops your mouth opens to scream, but at the last minute you see it just a crest of the person who resides here. Why have we stopped here you wonder?. The guide begins to speak of the horrors within this tomb of the person who now resides here, and what he has become to the world today. Your own mind is yelling at you to run and never speak of what you feel and fear most. The tomb and person coming to visit you in the middle of the night. The guide slows down and you think it is all over. Until the mind can take no more you hear the words of torture given to those who broke the law. Can your very mind, body even soul, stand there listening to these tortures go and on. Each one designed to chill your heart and warp your mind. You wonder  just how a person can do that to another as each torture gets worse and worse. Drives deep in the far corners of your now numb mind. 

Can you take this tour stand where others have stood and hear the stories, feel the chill come across your body. Can you be the one to stand there next to the most hated man in Edinburgh and hear why he became that way. Or can you be the one to go home and not worry about what is out there still today lurking in the darkness, waiting it’s turn to strike you down as it still walks’ Edinburgh to day looking to feed on those alone.

Join us and find out on our trip through Murder and Mayhem on the streets of Edinburgh

This tour covers:

Witches, murders and vampires.

All the tales you will hear happened in or around Edinburgh, or the person or persons involved were brought to Edinburgh to be hanged.

Open to all ages

Wheelchair friendly person in wheelchair goes free.

Group price £5.00 each person.

Discount Family 4 £15.00.

Discount Tours 2 Half price for the second tour.

Discount Tours 3 One tour free.

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