Thistle Knights Tours

                                                         GHOSTLY TALES

                                                    For groups of 4 or more people.

Starting in reputably Edinburgh’s most haunted graveyard follow the guide thorough this graveyard, then onto the streets and closes of Edinburgh. At each stop you will hear tales from Edinburgh’s dark past, that of ghosts, witches, vampires and more. In some of the closes we go into you will be standing on the spot where, the dark act of murder took place. See where some of the many bodies of Edinburgh’s newly departed ended up. Hear tales of one of the most famous witches in Edinburgh and what happened to them after they were hanged.

The tour last around 2.5 hours and covers parts of the Royal Mile.

You start in one graveyard and finish in another graveyard with a very strange tale of dark deeds done by the said Royal Family at the time.

Saturday-Sunday at 18.00

Open to all ages

Wheelchair friendly person in wheelchair goes free.

Group price £5.00 each person.


Discount Family 4 £15.00.

Discount Tours 2 Half price for the second tour.

Discount Tours 3 One tour free.


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