Thistle Knights Tours


 Join Aragorn as he takes you through some of the many unexplained happenings in and around Edinburgh. There are many stories of strange goings on from hauntings, to strange creatures that may walk the streets of Edinburgh late at night. To witchcraft that was practised in the graveyards, or houses of many a person. These tales are brought to life on the very streets where the acts took place.

If you take the Witches of Edinburgh tour, with museum visit You will get to see what life was like as a witch in Scotland. Find out the objects they used, and what would happen to them when they were caught. You may also be brave and take the Tales of the Paranormal tour, which looks into some of the most famous hauntings in Edinburgh and Scotland. You may even like to put your detective skills to the test and work out who the murderer is. When you hear the dark tales of Murder in Edinburgh.

The Witches of Edinburgh tour gives you the chance to take a tour of the Museum of Scotland, although we only cover a small part of the museum.

The Facebook and Twitter pages cover the unexplained part of some of the many tales and sightings of strange going on. The Facebook page also has a list of all the tours and events that will be running throughout the year,

So join Aragorn as he looks into some of the very strange myths, stories, that make up what we like to call the paranormal world of Scotland. Please feel free to post up some of your own findings on the paranormal world. Please feel free to join in talks on the paranormal world, and leave as many comments as you wish on any postings. Even if you do not believe they happened we would still like to hear why you believe that. Please keep an open mind when you read the post On Facebook Page.   

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