Thistle Knights Tours

                                           DUDDINGSTON VILLAGE,

Join us as we explore on of Edinburgh's best kept secrets the history of one of its villages. This quaint little villages almost at in the heart of a city can very much be over looked. Yet the village its self sparkles with history and more. In some parts the history of this villages is older than that of the city it now has become part of.
As we walk the streets of this village the guide shall give you an insight as what it would have been like to live and work here. On the tour you will also get a chance to walk where some of the most famous people in Scottish history have walked, here their tales of why they were their and what part the village played.
You will also get the chance to see one of the oldest churches still in use in Scotland, and better yet for some anyway you will get the chance to see, and if wish go inside the oldest pub in Edinburgh. Still very much in use to this very day. Even Kings have visited this pub.
You will also hear what part this village played in Scottish sports and more.  

Monday 12.00 (12pm) 
Lasts around 1 hour 45 minutes.

Adult £10.00 (If coming by voucher there is a small charge of £1.50. This goes to the village for up keep of grounds and gardens that we enter.) 
Cons £5.00

Open to all ages.
Wheelchair friendly although there is one part that is over rough ground.
Photo tours welcome.

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